What is Branding?

Expert Advice

There isn’t a clear definition for branding. Many describe it as a marketing process that creates a set of perceptions about your business. I have always liked the CEO from Amazon, Jeff Bezos’s definition, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Many start-up brands get confused and think their brand is the name on their label – it is not! Branding is everything for a fashion business. Branding is how you tell the world about your company and why you are different. Your brand is not your logo, your name or your trademark; it is much deeper than that.

Branding is how your customer perceives your brand, how they feel about it, and the emotional connection they have with the business. It is about creating such a strong identity that when your customer sees your brand, your product or hears your name they instantly know what the brand does, what it stands for and how they feel about it.

Branding has to be established from the start of your label, as it involves everything from the look of the product, your language, images and social media content to how customers experience and shop the brand. It all needs to be consistent from the very beginning. If you develop a strong brand with a compelling message, it will help your customers connect with the clothing when they wear it. If your consumer relates to your brand, then you will create a connection so that they feel that the brand is an extension of themselves, or how they would like others to perceive them.