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It is worth taking some time to look at neuromarketing, which is the study of customer behaviour and how it affects their buying patterns. Neuromarketing is essential when marketing fashion, as consumers mostly purchase fashion product on an emotional basis. Neuromarketing uses emotional triggers to promote a brand based on the psychological traits of the target customer.

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What is Marketing

Many people confuse marketing with advertising and promotion and whilst these are two elements of marketing, there are many more elements to it. Marketing is the process of creating a business and product that appeals to a target consumer and then getting that customer to buy your product.

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Deciding on Your Brand Name

A name is for life and it can be really hard to change your brand name later, so it is important that you make the right decision at the start. People may say “It doesn’t matter it’s just a name” but it is never just a name, the success of your brand could rest on it.

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