New York Fashion Week Review – Tomo Koizumi


New York Fashion Week isn’t renowned for discovering unusual new talent, but this season saw an exciting new edition to the week that will be one to watch for the future.

Katie Grand, editor of LOVE magazine and one of the most influential stylists in fashion had discovered a new talent through Instagram and reached out to him. A mere three weeks later, he was showing a 26-look collection in the Marc Jacobs store on Madison in New York, before an audience of the industry’s most powerful editors. Tomo Koizumi, an entirely unknown designer from Tokyo put on his first-ever fashion show on a cast of world-famous actresses and models.

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Born in Japan in 1988, Koizumi graduated from the National Chiba University in 2012 and launched a label specialising in costume design. His gigantic origami style creations are made from Japanese polyester organza which Koizumi mainly sews himself.

The show was a pleasant relief from the more tedious see-now-buy-now commercial collections that were being shown everywhere else, however in order to build a sustainable business it will be interesting to see how Koizumi develops in future seasons and where his commercial element will lie.

Images: Vogue