New York Fashion Week Review – Are Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors back in favour?


Both Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors have always been New York Fashion Week staples but they haven’t always been in favour, but this season both brands seem to have captured back some positive vibes.

Over the last few years the Marc Jacobs brand suffered financial decline and the collections failed to hold interest, however this fashion week in the Park Avenue Armory the tide turned. The audience were contained but as the thundering orchestral music started and a single spotlight caught the opening model in a leopard print cape, my view of Marc Jacobs shifted. I saw Sylvia Plath style checks, A-line dresses and house coats in curtain style florals and I was captivated. I may not rush out to buy pieces, but I will certainly be watching the brand with more interest and plan on visiting the stores to see the collection in person when it drops.

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Michael Kors bought some flamboyance to the catwalk this season and his show was where music and passion were in fashion! The finale with the legend that is Barry Manilow belting out the final number in an incredible orange crystal jacket is one memory that will remain. The collection paid homage to the decadence and diversity of Studio 54, and the glamour of the 70s was evoked through the exuberant pieces.

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“I don’t want to sound Pollyanna but the reality is, I think fashion’s joyous,” Kors said before the show. “A lot of people think joyous means you’re not smart, and optimistic means you’re not chic. I think that’s ridiculous. In today’s world, you want to do the right things for the planet and be kind to other people, but at the same time, a pretty dress doesn’t make you less intelligent or powerful. When people put the right thing on and look in the mirror, all of a sudden their posture is different and they have a spring in their step.”    

Images: Vogue