Review - Genavant SS19


London Fashion Week saw world-renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo and his godson and jewellery designer Reggie Hung present the debut collection of jewelled shoes under their Genavant brand.

A small but delectable presentation showcased bejewelled shoes with precious stones such as rubies, jade and sapphire embellishing each piece. The presentation was inspired by Wong Kar-wai's 2000 film In the Mood for Love, and against a backdrop recalling the bustling hub of 1940's Shanghai, the shoes were worn by East Asian models dressed in bespoke qipaos, in a setting of old-world China with hints of Western influences.

An iconic shoe has been created this season named the Flying Cloud, which represents Genavant's innovative and contemporary take on traditional craft. Birds and flowers are rendered in 18 karat gold, rubies and diamonds inlaid with royal blue corundum.