Planning a Trunk Show

Expert Advice

Over the next few months I will be writing several articles on the process of running and promoting trunk shows as these have become a major focus for all start-up brands. Hosting a trunk show has become the best way for start-up brands to find, meet and sell to new customers.

The benefits of a trunk show for emerging labels are numerous

  • They are a low-cost way of reaching your customer direct

  • You can benefit from talking directly to the customer, starting to build the relationship with them

  • You can get feedback from customers which can inform the future development of your product

  • Trunk shows can you improve your cash flow, as small production runs can be sold quickly at a trunk show, releasing money to make the next lot of product

  • They can incentive the customer to buy as the trunk show is only for a short time

  • You can create awareness of your brand and generate data for up-selling later

Where can you hold a trunk show?

The purpose of a trunk show is to go where your customer or potential customer is, rather than waiting for them to come to you. So where is your customer hanging out? Many of the brands I support host trunk shows in a range of places including: -

  • Private members clubs, country clubs or gyms

  • School or Charity events

  • In corporate offices

  • In stores or boutiques who don’t stock conflicting product

  • Art galleries, bars and hotels

Basically, you can hold a trunk show anywhere where your customer goes or currently hangs out.

In a future post, I will look at the elements you need to plan your trunk show, how to promote it and how to encourage companies to let you in.