Increasing the readership of your newsletter

Expert Advice

Today I am going to share a few tips that increase the open rate on your newsletters, increase sales and build a better brand experience. A newsletter is a very crucial part of the sales process and is the biggest driver of hits to your e-commerce site. Your newsletter doesn’t have to have loads of content, as you can spend a lot of time writing content for a small amount of people who read it, it needs to be the right content!

Here are a few ideas to help: -

  • Subject Line – Your subject title needs to be 60 characters or less for a desktop or 25-30 characters for a mobile. It needs to be interesting and catchy to get the attention of your potential customer.

  • Make sure there are no typos throughout your newsletter.

  • Business Address - always include a business address as this reassures the reader that you are a genuine company.

  • Social media Icons - make sure they link to the correct account.

  • Content – create a call to action from your content and check that all links work and take the customer to the right product. Create interesting content not such a sales pitch for your product, so think about what else your customer would want to read about.

  • Schedule – plan the right time and day to send your newsletters when they are mostly likely to be read, this will depend on your customer and their day-today schedule. Avoid Monday mornings or late Friday afternoons when most newsletters are missed.

  • Data Lists – Categorise your lists so that you send the right newsletters to the right people. Lists could include segments such as private customers, press or current or potential buyers.

  • Test it before you send it. Always make sure you test the newsletter by sending a copy to yourself first

  • Analytics – don’t just send it out, always check how well your newsletter performed to see who opened it, how many people used the call to action buttons and links through to your website and the number of sales generated.