Expert Advice

It is worth taking some time to look at neuromarketing, which is the study of customer behaviour and how it affects their buying patterns. Neuromarketing is essential when marketing fashion, as consumers mostly purchase fashion product on an emotional basis. Neuromarketing uses emotional triggers to promote a brand based on the psychological traits of the target customer.

To use neuromarketing to increase sales and create emotional triggers in your customers, you can follow some very easy steps:

Tell Stories

Stories trigger emotions and a good story will create positive thoughts. Customers love stories, as they appeal to their decision-making processes in a way that facts and figures don’t. Your brand storytelling can include why you started your brand, what makes your brand unique and special, what inspires you, what problems you are solving. Another part of storytelling that is often missed is in the product descriptions. Tell your customers a story about each product, such as how it was made or designed and they will love the piece even more.

Inspire Fear

An unusual approach but I am talking more of fear of missing out rather than abject terror. The way to increase the fear of missing out, is to create limited edition pieces, or have time limited availability or offers. These types of offers can incentivise the customer to see now and buy now. A brand needs to provide a strong call to action to get the customer to buy now rather than go away and think about it, as they often don’t come back.


Altruism, or giving back, can be a powerful tool for building customer recognition and loyalty, but it should be used carefully. I often hear brands talk about giving a percentage of their profit to a charity but they are using it as a marketing tool rather than a genuine passion to support a good cause. As today’s consumer is looking for authenticity and transparency, a brand should only use altruism if it is authentic. There needs to be a genuine reason, a clear purpose and an authentic connection between the charity and the brand or product. Genuine altruism can work and will provide a connection and sense of belonging to your social conscious customers.

Use Social Proof

Social proof is where a brand shows that other people have experienced the product and love it. This encourages other customers to buy as well. Social proofing, or as I often term it a ‘#happycustomer campaign’ on social media will convert more customers to buy. One happy customer always makes another one. It is also worth looking at getting positive reviews on your website, Google and social media, as studies state that 90% of online customers look at the product reviews before making a purchase.