Making friends with Fashion Stylists

Expert Advice

Many start up fashion brands spend all their time focussing on fashion editors and writers when they could be achieving more success by working with stylists. But how can you get noticed by fashion stylists when you are up against renowned brands with big budgets and name recognition? Actually, fashion stylists spend a lot of time looking for new brands and you could be the answer to their prayers and they to yours – as they can get your pieces on those big celebrities or introduce your brand to the fashion editor.


Stylists are really easy to contact as you can find them through credits in magazines and by googling who dresses the different celebrities. Then the bonus is nearly all stylists have their own websites which act as their portfolios and they give their contact details. Make sure you target the right stylist, one who would be interested in your collection – you need to find stylists that match your style or dress celebrities who match your style. If you are a floral, girly brand then there would be no point in approaching a stylist who is into edgy, gothic styles.

So, reach out to the stylist through Instagram and start to build the relationship – don’t just direct message them, instead place a genuine comment on an Instagram picture as that is always appreciated and memorable. Then also email your look book and offer to send them pieces for shoots and celebrity dressing opportunities if your collection matches their brief.

If you can’t talk directly to the bigger name stylists then befriend their assistant as offer the assistant is the one that does all the research and ground work, so they could introduce your brand to their boss.

When working with stylists you will need to generate a contract with them to loan the pieces. The contract should state the stylists contact details, the piece they are borrowing, the retail value, the date they need to return by, the publication or celebrity they can use the piece on and the implications if they don’t return or the piece is damaged.