Insider secret...knowing the upcoming trends

Expert Advice

Trend forecasting is a billion-dollar industry but one that is often too expensive for emerging labels to participate in. Membership to Trend Forecasting websites are be very expensive and out of the budget of start-up brands.

But start up designers still need to be up-to date with future trends so how can they do this? Other ways of researching trends is through Trend magazines, fashion shows, influencers, street style blogs and social media but all these steps may lead you to be one or more seasons behind the other brands bringing these trends to market.


Insider Secret

One of the easiest ways to identify the future trends in fabric and colour is to attend the big fabric fairs such as Premiere Vision or Texworld. At the shows the suppliers will be keen to sell the new trend styles, so they will all have the trend colours and fabrics clearly on display.