How to Increase your Instagram Engagement

Expert Advice

It is a question that everyone is talking about “how can I increase engagement on my Instagram account?” Here are a few tips that can help you grow your account and increase the engagement.

1. Change Up Your Hashtags

Don’t use the same Hashtags all the time. Make a list of all the hashtags you want to use and then put them into sets and rotate the sets so that you use different sets throughout the month on different posts.

2. Engage with Others

Everyday spend 10-15 minutes going through other people’s accounts or follow your hashtags and leave genuine comments and proper sentences on other Instagrammer’s content. This will help you to maintain relationships and build new ones with potential followers and customers

3. Use Instagram Stories

Use Instagram stories to build excitement, share your brand storytelling, give a glimpse behind the scenes and show your happy customers. Good stories can help you build engagement. You can also use the question tools to help engage with your following and start conversations with them.