Insider secret to...increasing newsletter open rates

Expert Advice

If you are sending monthly or even weekly newsletters then you need to ensure your customers will open them. You cannot keep sending emails that just ask people to buy your product over and over again, as this is more likely to make them unsubscribe rather than buy.

Your newsletter is your opportunity to really communicate your brand value to your current and potential customers and you need to provide them with content that they want to read. You need to stand out from all the other newsletters they receive and give them some content they can’t find anywhere else. The tone of voice should be as if you are in conversation with your customer, it should be warm and friendly and not just sound like it has been generated by some faceless corporate company.

Insider secret

Create a format for your newsletters that regularly includes valuable content such as blog posts, videos, styling guides, information and content on sustainability, behind the scenes, funny stories, profiles and/or Q&A’s with happy customers or influencers with their picture wearing the brand.