How to promote your Trunk Show

Expert Advice
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Trunk shows are a great way to get in front of customers and although they are usually hosted in a place where people already go, you will still need to manage some promotional activity and can’t just rely on the venue to promote the event for you.

When you arrange the trunk show with the venue discuss both your roles in promoting the event. Some venues such as private members clubs will only allow access to their members, whereas other venues will expect you to bring the customers with you.

First of all, give yourself enough time to promote it. If you want it to be featured in a particular print press then you need to consider their deadlines. Apart from this, start promoting on social media etc. at least a month in advance. Plan a schedule of activity and content to encourage people to attend and be sure to post and comment on the venues posts as well as asking friends and family to circulate.

You might want to setup a Facebook event and invite all your friends or use Eventbrite or Meet Up to get people to register their interest. If you have good clients, fashion reporters or bloggers, or industry professionals that you would like to attend then send them an invitation or personal note in the mail, as this will make your event stand out and may give it a better chance of being added to someone’s calendar.