Don't just sell; build relationships!

Expert Advice

With changing consumer demands, brands now need to consider what is the best way to offer your customer the experience they want so that they keep coming back.

Here are some tips to help you offer your customers a personal experience that builds the relationship and gets them coming back to buy again.

  1. Keep in contact with them through social media and with newsletters that are interesting to them – you need to show the customer that you care by keeping the conversation going with them

  2. Manage your data lists so that you can target customers with relevant information and offers, not just send everyone the same thing. So, have lists of customers who have expressed interest but not bought yet, bought once or made multiple purchases

  3. Be relevant, making sure you know what your customer wants and are delivering it – customer needs change, so make sure you know what they want but also what other brands may be offering them

  4. Treat everyone like a VIP, whether they made a small purchase or not made one at all yet

When you have put a lot of effort in developing a relationship with a customer so that they purchase, don’t then consider that is job done! Invest in building long term relationships with them so that they make repeat orders and also promote your brand positively to their friends.