How to create product imagery that will sell your product

Expert Advice

A recent Vogue Business article talked about how retailers have developed best practices on detail shots and use of model poses to drive clothing purchases.

The article discussed how in a sea of endless e-commerce options, the way products are shot and displayed is essential to encourage purchase, and lighting and framing can have a huge impact on customer desire.

Online retailers have found that straight-forward, front-facing model images, paired alongside an average of five detail shots, encourage purchases. Th more detail the better as the customer wants to mimic what they can do in a physical store and that includes looking closely at all the details. The focus needs to be totally on the clothes not on creating a stunning, editorial style image. Short videos of under 30 seconds are also said to be really successful, as this shows the product in action as the model moves into shot and turns etc.

Some brands offer a ‘shop the look’ function, offering styling advice on how to wear the product and what to style it with. This can increase or up sell product but too much detail, or too many styling options can have the opposite effect and put the customer off.

Womenswear brands can sell a story to their customers by styling products on models instead of taking flat shots, even when it comes to accessories. This approach needs to create aspiration in the customer and should help evoke an emotional response which will lead to a sale.