Creating a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Expert Advice

A content marketing strategy will focus on effectively using your content to tell your brand story and convert a visitor or follower into a committed customer.

To develop your content marketing strategy, you will need to address the five ‘W’ questions - why, who, what, where, and when.

  • Why are you developing this strategy?

  • Who are you creating content for?

  • What types of content will you produce?

  • On which platform will you post your content?

  • When will you publish your content?

In order to answer these questions and develop your strategy you will need to brainstorm some ideas and ensure you have the information you need to make your strategy effective.

Develop your brand story

Thin about your mission and goals and develop your why? Without having these key points, you won’t know what you are working for or towards. Your mission and goals will help you stay focused as well as ensure you have a point of difference from your competitors.

Know who your customers are.

You need to know who you are creating content for and what they want to see and read. You need to conduct research so that you know who your customers are and what they care about, to ensure you create the right sort of content.

Decide on your type of content.

Are you going to write blog posts, send newsletters, create image campaigns and videos or Instagram stories? You will need to decide which type of content tells your brand story best and attracts your customer. Creating content can be very time consuming but if you are smart you can use some of the same content across different platforms but use different edits of it. For example, you can take a behind the scenes video and insta story at the time when you are shooting your collection look book – so that you have different content to use on different platforms.

Choose your platforms.

Which platforms and channels work best for your customer? Are your customers on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram or You Tube? Do they read newsletters or blog posts? You need to know where your customer hangs out and then consider that each channel needs a different type of content. You will also need to set up systems to monitor and evaluate the content to check what works best for your brand.

Create a content calendar

Don’t leave posting your content to chance or gaps in your busy schedule, your content needs to be planned. Developing a content calendar is crucial to ensure you are consistent in your approach and also make the most of using key events and occasions to connect with your consumer.