Business of Fashion states the trends that will define the Fashion Agenda in 2019

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Business of Fashion states the trends that will define the Fashion Agenda in 2019

The Business of Fashion started the year with an article on the 10 trends that will define the Fashion Agenda in 2019. You can read the full article if you are a member on their website, but I thought I would capture the highlights for you.

BoF stated the 10 trends would be:

  1. Caution Ahead — they say that the economic downturn and general unstable market will lead to a cautious mood in 2019 and companies will start to be more prudent as well as aggressively looking for new opportunities.

  2. Indian Ascent — India is becoming a focal point for the fashion industry as its middle-class consumer base grows and manufacturing sector strengthens.

  3. Trade 2.0 — all companies need to develop contingency plans to face a potential shake-up of global value chains.

  4. The End of Ownership —pre-owned, refurbished, repair and rental business models will continue to evolve in 2019 and more brands will look at tapping into the new consumers who are seeking both affordability and a move away from the permanent ownership of clothing.

  5. Getting Woke — Younger generations’ passion for social and environmental causes has reached critical mass, causing brands need to become more authentically purpose-driven to attract new consumers who are passionate about social and environmental causes.

  6. Now or Never — brands will be looking to shorten lead times as more impatient consumers seek to purchase products immediately as they discover them

  7. Radical Transparency — Consumers are now distrusting of brands and seek companies that are more transparent in the use of their data as well as offering value for value for money, creative integrity and data protection.

  8. Self-Disrupt — Traditional brands are beginning to disrupt their own business models, image and offering as we saw last year with Burberry and Celine in order to compete with a new breed of emerging labels.

  9. Digital Landgrab — As the race to be the platform of choice for both customers and brands intensifies, e-commerce players will continue to innovate by adding profitable value-added services.

  10. On Demand — Automation and data analytics have enabled a new breed of start-ups to achieve agile made-to-order production and mass players will look to also respond quicker to trends and consumer demands with small batch production runs to reduce over production.

You can read the full article over at Business of Fashion